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Nature and Culture
Nature and Culture

Oberstdorf is a popular winter sports resort located in the German Alps, Bavaria, which is located in south west Germany. Oberstdorf attracts visitors from all over the world who wish to hike the 200km trails, enjoy the winter sport venues, view the beautiful nature and even improve their health  with the famous health resorts offering unique and relaxing treatments.

Other than being a great  for winter sports and health, Bavaria posts some interesting culture and nature and is known for its amazing mountain views and landscape and possesses great quality air and great quality water. The water is pure mineral water known to have natural healing abilities and is used in the spas and health resorts in Oberstdorf.

Oberstdorf is know as the hiking village which offers 200 kilometres in hiking trails , includes mountains of 230 square kilometres and sits 815 metres above sea level. The mountains in Oberstdorf vary in size with some of the biggest mountains measuring up to 2,600 metres high. Most of the mountains in Oberstdorf are available for hiking and winter sports. Winter sport locations vary in Oberstdorf with many being designed for professionals only, but many also being designed for recreational users and beginners. Oberstdorf offers multiple winter sport venues designed to fit individual needs.

Oberstdorf features many rivers and lakes such as the river Trettach, located in Trettach valley and the river Stillach, located in the Stillach valley. Obertstdorf is home of the lake Freibergsee and is also home to the deepest canyon within middle Europe, Breitachklamm.

Oberstdorf also features many mountains such as Nebelhorn mountain, which is 2,224 metres high and is recommended to only be hiked with professional experience and correct gear. It is home to a 4.8 mile valley ski run which is recorded as  the longest of all time, and offers a cable cart which transports you to the top of the mountain to experience the spectacular views that it offers, such as the amazing view deep into the Alpine massif. Felhorn mountain sits on the boarder with Austria and is known for its large fields of alp roses. Felhorn offers a more easy and approachable hiking experience which can be enjoyed by many people, young and old.

Oberstdorf is home to Lorettokapelle Church, which was built in 1707 and is still used to this day for praying and worshipping in. The inside of the building is furnished with historical and decorative features.

Oberstdorf offers a very natural and beautiful nature of high snowy mountains and beautiful landscape which is why it is such a popular destination for tourists who just want to enjoy the amazing views and sites that Oberstdorf has to offer.

Farming in Oberstdorf is unique, with young cattle being set up into the mountains for 100 days to gain the benefits of the lush alpine grass, mountain herbs and crisp clean air. Cattle is always in top condition and therefore produce excellent quality dairy products.  Oberstdorf has a traditional cattle drive every September in which people celebrate for the cows which return home from their 100 day health boost.

Oberstdorf offers the traditional Gallusmarkt market, which appears every October and attracts visitors worldwide to enjoy some of the great deals and products which are sold on this market.

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