Skiing in Oberstdorf

Skiing in Oberstdorf
Skiing in Oberstdorf

If you love skiing, then there is no better place to hit the slopes than Oberstdorf. This charming German village is located amongst the beautiful Bavarian Alps, and is home to stunning terrain and a variety of activities that are sure to keep you entertained during your stay there. Every year, the first part of the Four Hills Tournament is held in Oberstdorf, where people come from all over to watch or participate in the ski jump. It is also the home town of a number of winter Olympic participants, which isn't surprising, given the vast number of ski courses and the stunning landscape.

Cross country skiing. Oberstdorf has a staggering 85 km of cross country skiing courses, providing you with plenty of room to explore the breathtaking scenery. Cross country in and around this Bavarian town is always exciting, and is for the beginner and expert alike. From challenging Nordic tracks that test your skill and agility, to serene valleys that provide you with a calm and relaxing skiing experience, Oberstdorf has it all.

Hitting the slopes. Oberstdorf skiing is a unique experience that should be had by all that enjoy the sport. The town boasts a number of skiing attractions, such as the longest downhill slope in Germany (at the Nebelhorn Cable Lift), the longest ski tow in the country, and the largest linked ski area north of the alps. Not to mention, Oberstdorf also has Germany's longest continuous monocable lift. From beginning slopes, those designed for pros, this Bavarian village accommodates any skier.

Beyond skiing. If you like to snowboard or figure skate, then you'll also truly enjoy the activities offered in Oberstdorf. It has a modern figure skating rink, and plenty of powder for those who want to hit the slopes with their boards. With 44,000 meters of downhill slopes and 29 lifts, as well as a number of wonderful mountain lodges to take a break in and enjoy a nice snack or warm beverage, Oberstdorf doesn't disappoint.

Skiing, snowboarding, and figure skating opportunities abound in this Bavarian Alps village, and provide any visitor with an entertaining and truly memorable holiday. With its breathtaking scenery and majestic mountain views, Oberstdorf is a sanctuary for anyone who appreciates beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities. If you're interested in a vacation that gives you the chance to experience the rich history of Bavaria, amongst a charming setting, then you simply must book a trip to Oberstdorf for your next holiday.

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