Wellness in Oberstdorf

Wellness in Oberstdorf
Wellness in Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf, located in the German Alps, Bavaria, Germany, is well known as a popular winter sport attraction which attracts many visitors all year round to enjoy the amazing winter sport facilities that it has to offer such as skiing and snowboarding opportunity’s. Visitors young and old enjoy the experiences that Oberstdorf has to offer.

Although Oberstdorf is mainly known for its winter sport attractions, it also offers a range of great wellness facilities. Bavarias springs posses salts and minerals which offer natural healing abilities. Oberstdorf is a popular destination that people visit to not only take a holiday, but also to improve their health and wellness.

There are many wellness hotels and spas in Obertstdorf which offer a wide range of treatments such as massages, thermal pools, algau hay baths and many more. So what exactly are some of the wellness treatments and services that Oberstdorf has to offer?

Allgau hay bath – An algau hay bath is a hay treatment in which you are covered in a dry float pack of hay and results in the medical goodness of the hay infusing through your skin. The hay bath is designed to promote blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and help flush the body of harmful toxins. There are many different locations and facilities in Oberstdorf which offer the algau hay bath treatment.

Mountain pine mud bath – The mountain pine mud bath is a relaxing mud bath in which you are submerged in hot mud of up to 40 degrees. The mud contains natural healing properties and can help with skin disease,and circulatory problems and also helps to strengthen the immune system.

The kings or emperors bath – The kings bath is designed as a super relaxing, warm bath which has a  a bronze, bell shape design and is infused in essential oils and fresh alpine milk to help de age the skin and make it more smooth and healthy.

Kneipp treatments – Kneipp treatments are treatments which involve using the natural healing power of water at certain temperatures and is used in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders and blood pressure disorders.

The Kraxen stove – The Kraxen stove is a vent which you sit against that gives off a herbal steam  and is used to treat back pains.

The milk / whey bath – The milk bath or whey bath is a bath full of fresh milk which contains anti inflammatory ingredients and treats the skins PH balance. These baths are used mainly for the treatment of dry skin, fungal infections and skin impurities.

The moor bath – The moor bath is a thick mud bath which uses 10,000 year old mountain moor mud. The mud contains many beneficial ingredients and helps to treat the skin, making it smoother and younger.

The scroth cure – The scroth cure is a relaxing body wrap and special diet designed to free the body of harmful toxins, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, reduce cholesterol levels and speed up the body’s metabolism.

There are many different wellness hotels in Oberstdorf ranging in price and quality. It may be worth checking out all of the features and services that the hotels have to offer before deciding where to book your accommodation in Oberstdorf.

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